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(1)Project Engineer

Location: the number of recruits in Fukuda, Shenzhen: 1
Post duties:
1, responsible for the overall management planning of the product project, ensuring the smooth delivery of the project within the specified time and cost range.
2. It is responsible for the project and feasibility analysis in the early stage of the product.
3, it is responsible for diagnosing and solving various problems in the process of the project.
4, optimize the condition of the project, and control the project progress according to the plan.
Conditions of service:
1 or 3 years of work experience, at least 1 years of project follow-up;
2, familiar with 3C accessories products, familiar with the common materials and technology of electronic products;
3, mobile power, Bluetooth sound box, mobile phone, computer, train recorder, digital camera and other intelligent life project experience priority;
4. Drivers who have driver's license and can understand the structure chart are preferred.

(2) post name: current accounting

Location: the number of recruits in Fukuda, Shenzhen: 1
Post duties:
1. Account accounting and documentation;
2, accounting treatment and tax declaration;
3, audit sales orders;
The monthly statistics and check list 4, check the sales VAT invoice and VAT tax stamps;
5, the accounts of related companies are checked and checked;
6, warehouse inventory.
Conditions of service:
1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in finance and accounting, and comprehensive financial knowledge.
2. More than one year's relevant work experience;
3. The experience of dealing with accounts receivable is required, and the experience of full and tax reporting should be given priority.
4, skillfully using Kingdee software and various office software, conscientiously responsible for the work.